Sealing Challenges

How Elasto Proxy Solves Sealing Challenges

Elasto Proxy solves sealing challenges through expert analysis, custom fabrication, and careful testing. Engineers, product designers, and manufacturers depend upon our experienced technical services team to find and fabricate plastic and rubber components for specific applications. By carefully analyzing all of your requirements, our solutions providers can meet your business needs.

Design Assistance

Three-dimensional (3D) models don’t always account for the variances that may occur during the manufacture of a product, or from the fabrication of a seal. Plastic and rubber components that look perfect on paper or a computer screen often exhibit variations in shape when they exit an extruder. Molding and curing processes may also produce parts that look different from their designs.

When product development cycles are short and deadlines are tight, you can count on Elasto Proxy for real-world solutions. For over 20 years, our technical services team has helped bring products to market and improve existing product lines. By studying your plans, suggesting necessary changes, and then selecting the right fabrication equipment, Elasto Proxy provides expert design assistance.

Materials and Tooling

Engineers, product designers, and manufacturers also count on Elasto Proxy to select and source material compounds. Oil causes seals to swell, and various plastic and rubber compounds handle heat differently. Back pressures and adjustments to the flow of the die affect seal shape, too. The type of hinges on a seal also adds a level of complexity.

As your supply chain partner, Elasto Proxy is committed to selecting the right materials and tooling to meet your sealing challenges. That’s why our solutions providers ask careful questions about the seal’s environment. So whether your sealing challenge involves chemicals, temperatures, or pounds of pressure per square inch (psi), we’ll work with you to find a custom solution.

Validation and Adjustment

Elasto Proxy appreciates that each job is unique and that adjustments are sometimes necessary. That’s why we recommend design changes early in the process and then validate your application through careful cycle testing. By installing your plastic and rubber components and evaluating their performance, we can provide field results and underscore your commitment to quality.