Overview of our Rubber Solutions for Your Industry

Elasto Proxy offers a wide selection of industrial rubber products. Designers use our on-line catalog to select high-quality seals that are long-lasting and cost-effective.  By providing you with plastic and rubber parts that are cut-to-length, molded together, and ready to install, Elasto Proxy saves time on your assembly line. Our sealing solutions are ready right out of the box so that your operators can seal surfaces in a timely way, adding value to your entire supply chain.   

Industrial rubber products from Elasto Proxy are delivered to your doorstep on-time and according to your schedule. Our knowledgeable technical services team listens carefully to all of your requirements, and our experienced solutions providers are ready to recommend the right sealing solution for your application. So choose with confidence from our extensive line of industrial rubber products. And if our catalog doesn’t have what you need, ask about Elasto Proxy’s custom fabrication capabilities.