Code Name
Show T PSA Tape
    This part is supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). The strip is double coated with a high performance, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive. It features a UPVC carrier between the two coats and a Kraft paper release liner. The 3.5 mils thick adhesive features exceptionally high tack and peel resistance and can be used for bonding the seal to many kinds of surfaces, including rough or porous surfaces.
Show T* 3M HATS
    This part is supplied with a heat-activated taping system (HATS) attached to it. The tape has a polyethylene release liner, and is composed of two different adhesives on either side of an acrylic foam core. First, the heat-activated adhesive (HAA) forms an immediate, consistent and durable bond to the seal. Next, the pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive (PSA) enables the seal to be attached to many different surfaces including automotive, paints and metals, due to its high adhesion and high holding strength.
  T2* T2
  TZ Special Adhesive