Taping Seals, Trim and Gaskets

Taping keeps rubber and plastic profiles in place for temporary or permanent fastening.  Many of the custom-fabricated components that Elasto Proxy provides can be supplied with an adhesive backing. By bonding gaskets, trim, and other sealing products to surfaces such as walls or ceilings, taping can reduce installation times and promote assembly-line efficiency.    

Is Taping Right for Your Sealing Application?

Taping isn’t right for every sealing application, but its uses are many – especially when space it at a premium. Although the food equipment industry uses plastic pins and T-shapes instead of tape, the automotive industry uses taping when there’s not enough space for a plastic retainer. That’s why tape is used on cab profiles and car windows for an effective seal.

Taping also offers faster installation times than other sealing methods. With plastic pins, for example, operators need to drill a hole for each pin and then push a pin into each drilled hole.  Plastic T-shapes may also require operator assembly.

Cost-Effective Taping Capabilities

As a custom fabricator of high-quality seals, Elasto Proxy uses a compact taping machine to process quantities of all sizes.  Our ability to handle small quantities is especially important, as Elasto Proxy can purchase small amounts of material and then perform quick setups.

So whether you’re waiting for a prototype or expecting a high-volume run, you’ll find our taping capabilities are flexible and dependable. To reduce lead times, Elasto Proxy always keeps taping profiles in stock. Our technical services team can also suggest different types of taping profiles to meet your needs.

Selecting the Right Tape Adhesive

Elasto Proxy supplies taped parts with two different adhesives :

  • Heat-activated adhesive taping system (HATS)
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA).

By analyzing your sealing requirements as well as your business needs, our technical services team can determine whether a high-bond HATS adhesive or a double-sided PSA tape is the right solution for you.

HATS High-Bond Tape

Developed by 3M, HATS is a high-bond tape that provides excellent adhesion and holding strength to a variety of surfaces, including automotive paints and plastics. HATS also features strong stress-handling and weatherstripping capabilities, making it a sound choice for outdoor use. Our solutions providers may also recommend HATS if your sealing application involves sponge profiles and permanent sealing.

HATS high-bond tape fuses together the tape and the profile, as with door seals that might otherwise come apart from repeating pushing on the door.  During custom fabrication, forced air is used to heat the surface of the tape as it passes through our taping machine. A polyethylene release liner allows the taped part to be attached quickly and easily for installation.

PSA Double-Sided Tape

PSA tape is double-coated with a high-performance acrylic adhesive for high tack and peel resistance. Used to bond seals to rough or porous surfaces, this removable double-faced tape is recommended for attaching tape to a wall so an installer can then affix the profile. A paper release liner and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) carrier between the two coats helps makes PSA tape easy to use.

Success That Sticks

Elasto Proxy is more than an experienced custom fabricator with high-quality, cost-effective taping capabilities. As your partner and problem solver, our technical services team is committed to helping you determine whether taping is the right choice for your sealing application. By listening to all of your requirements, our solutions providers can suggest the best adhesive for your taped parts.

That’s the type of sealing solution and supply chain partnership that “sticks”.