Green Power

Sealing Solar, Wind, and Hydroelectric Power

Suppliers of windmills, solar panels, and hydroelectric turbines require plastic and rubber components that can withstand high winds, ultraviolet (UV) light, and flowing water. Electric utilities that operate hydroelectric dams need reliable rubber seals and gaskets, too.

That’s why Elasto Proxy supplies the green power industry with high-quality components such as:

  • windmill door seals and rubber gaskets
  • sound insulation for power generators
  • rubber profiles for windmill blades and nacelles
  • lens cover gaskets

Our experienced technical services team also works with the solar power industry to provide protective profiles for the glass on photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Application Knowledge and Technical Expertise

“Green power” is a buzzword these days, but Elasto Proxy’s support for clean energy isn’t new. In fact, we’ve supplied high-quality rubber components to hydropower facilities for almost 20 years. With our experience in a wide range of  industries, we’re also using our application knowledge and technical expertise to find innovative solutions to new challenges.

For example, if you  need anti-vibration mats, we may suggest rubber products that have been used successfully and under comparable conditions in specialty construction vehicles. These same rubber mats can also be used with windmills, as can standard products such as rubber U-channels. By using these existing designs, the green power industry can save time and money.

Controlling Design Costs

Today, hydroelectric turbines are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. As Elasto Proxy supplies underwater sealing solutions for this type of hydroelectric equipment, our solutions providers are listening to water-turbine customers and analyzing all of their needs.

Elasto Proxy can also help you to control costs for wind power projects. For example, by applying our technical expertise, we discovered a way to cut a special angled slit for a windmill blade. This clean part requires no secondary processing and costs less to produce.

Government Energy Programs

Elasto Proxy’s experience with the green power industry also means that we’re familiar with the sourcing and pricing requirements of government-funded energy programs. For example, if your sealing product needs a “Made in America” stamp, Elasto Proxy can work with its network of U.S. suppliers to extrude or mold the part. With our commitment to on-time shipments, green power customers from Canada to China also have a supply chain partner in Elasto Proxy.