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Rubber Seal & Plastic Parts for the Electronic Industry

Sealing outdoor electronic displays against the elements isn’t a job for standard weather stripping or a regular rubber products supplier. If the seals on the doors to an electronic highway sign fail, wind and water can damage the sensitive electronic components inside.

Indoor electronics cabinets also require the right kind of seals – and a supplier who understands all of your application’s requirements. Many companies in the rubber and plastics industry sell specialty seals, but Elasto Proxy offers specialty sealing solutions. We never recommend a product until we know all the facts, and we always use our technical services and custom fabrication skills to find the best solution.

High-Quality Sealing Solutions for the Electronics Industry

Elasto Proxy has served customers in the electronics industry for over 20 years by producing plastic and rubber components such as:

Our catalog of industrial rubber products is extensive, and we can custom-fabricate components for your specific electronics application.

Enclosure Gaskets for Dynamic Sealing

Some manufacturers of electronic cabinets use off-the-shelf weatherstripping to seal gaps between the housing and door. Often, these weatherstrip materials are just fillers that form a static seal. They’re not meant for dynamic sealing, and demonstrate poor compression set recovery with the repeated opening and closing of enclosure doors.

In the case of electronic highway signs, these rubber enclosure gaskets are subjected to temperature extremes, wind, and rain. When temperatures soar during the summer months, the enclosure’s sheet metal expands – but a static seal can’t accommodate these changes. 

Unfortunately, the cost of retrofitting cabinets with higher-grade rubber seals can be expensive. That’s why Elasto Proxy listens to all of your needs before recommending a sealing solution, and works closely with you to find the best solution the first time. 

Specialty Seals: Fire-Rated Materials and EMI / RFI Shielding

If you need fire-rated materials, Elasto Proxy can suggest sealing products that meet the flammability requirements of UL-94 or V-L. We can also recommend specialty seals for protecting electronic components against electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). Elasto Proxy offers high-quality rubber seals for NEMA-rated cabinets, too.