Rubber Seal Plastic Parts Construction Industry

Rubber Seal & Plastic Parts for the Construction Industry

Elasto Proxy provides the construction industry with high-quality seals for a wide range of building products. As your supply chain partner and problem-solver, we can help you choose compounds and profiles that meet all of your design requirements.

For over 20 years, Elasto Proxy has supplied manufacturers with sealing solutions for products such as:

  • lighting fixtures
  • rooftop HVACs and hatch covers
  • windows, doors, and skylights

By listening to you and analyzing all of your needs, we can also offer custom designs and secondary fabrication.

Lighting Fixtures

Elasto Proxy is a strong but flexible link in the supply chain that serves the lighting industry. If a rubber seal isn't right for the heat inside of a light fixture, we'll find quality compounds and profiles that work with your existing design. When it's time to redesign your existing products, we can help with that, too. If an old seal won't cover the gap in a new design, count on Elasto Proxy to find a cost-effective solution.

Rooftop HVACs and Hatch Covers

Plastic and rubber components for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units must be able to withstand hot or cold temperatures. Exposure to sun, wind and weather can pose problems, too. That's why manufacturers of rooftop HVAC units and hatch covers come for Elasto Proxy for plastic and rubber components that combine price with quality and performance.

Windows, Doors, and Skylights

Elasto Proxy provides plastic and rubber seals for windows, industrial doors, and skylights. After listening to your design requirements, our solutions providers may suggest ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) weather seals, flame-retardant profiles, or ozone-resistant materials. Molded products, access door gaskets, and dual-durometer extrusions are available, too.

Custom Designs and Secondary Fabrication

Custom designs are an important part of what we do, but they're just the first part of the story. Elasto Proxy also offers secondary fabrication services, and can stock plastic and rubber profiles for regular or on-demand shipments. The one-piece gaskets we make are easy to install in outdoor lighting fixtures, tunnel lights, and other assemblies. That's no small feat in a light where there's not much room to work, and where a seal may be a secondary consideration.