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  • How to Install Locking Gaskets

    Locking GasketsLocking gaskets are lengths of rubber that lock into place to provide a secure seal between stationary glass and a body panel. These rubber gaskets are used with the windows and windshields on mobile equipment such as trains, trucks, and buses. They’re also used with the viewing windows on enclosures for machines, instruments, and equipment. Additional applications include boat windows, clean rooms, and the windows used in high-traffic doors found in warehouses.

    In this “How to” article from Elasto Proxy, you’ll learn how to install locking gaskets properly – and without risking breakage to windows or windshields. We’ll start with measurements and material selection, and consider the advantages of buying rubber gaskets that are already cut-to-size. Most importantly, you’ll learn some installation tips and best practices that can save you time while helping to avoid damage to body panels. Continue reading

  • Rubber Gaskets for Mobile Equipment: Doors and Windows

    Rubber Gaskets for Mobile EquipmentRubber gaskets for mobile equipment provide sealing and insulation for doors and windows. They prevent the entry of outside air and water, but also absorb road and engine noise. For mobile equipment manufacturers, the right rubber gaskets need to provide both environmental sealing and acoustic insulation. Otherwise, unwanted sounds can enter the cab where the operator sits. Seals that admit wind, water, dirt, or outdoor temperatures are problematic, but so is mobile equipment insulation that fails to reduce noise levels.

    Gasket quality is important, but design engineers and sourcing managers also need to consider material costs. This includes not just the gasket rubber, but also the method of attachment, such as clips, fasteners, or liquid adhesives. Engineers and buyers also need to consider the tools, skills, and capabilities of the personnel who will install rubber gaskets for mobile equipment. Outsourcing your gasket fabrication may seem expensive, but consider your true costs. Continue reading

  • How to Select Window Channels

    Window ChannelsWindow channels are industrial rubber products that help to secure window frames and hold window glass in place. They also eliminate rattling and provide protection against wind, water, dust, and drafts. Applications for window channels include commercial, industrial, and residential construction; on-road and off-road vehicles such as cars, trucks, and tractors; and mass transit systems like bus and rail.

    For design engineers and technical buyers, window channel selection begins by understanding how these rubber products are made and which types are available. It’s also important to define your application requirements and to compare product specifications. Elasto Proxy keeps hundreds of rubber window channels in stock, custom-fabricates them cost-effectively, and can help you with product selection. Continue reading

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