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  • Sanitary Seals for Food Equipment and Medical Equipment

    Sanitary Seals | Food Equipment Sanitary Seals | Food Equipment

    Elasto Proxy supplies sanitary seals to the food equipment industry as well as to medical equipment manufacturers and the makers of medical assist devices. Our solutions providers understand your regulatory environment and how some plastic and rubber materials must meet requirements from organizations such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF). As your supply chain partner, we also understand that when health and safety are at stake, there’s more to business than the bottom line.

    Food Safe Seals

    For over 20 years, Elasto Proxy has designed, manufactured, and installed replacement seals for vats and tanks at food and beverage processing facilities. By listening to all of your requirements and analyzing all of your needs, our solutions providers can recommend material compounds that meet your pressure, temperature, and sanitary requirements. Food equipment suppliers also trust Elasto Proxy to design and fabricate high-quality rubber components that help keep kitchen employees safe. So whether you need rubber gaskets for refrigerators, high-temperature door seals for restaurant ovens, or protective edges for sharp stainless steel surfaces, you can count on us to provide the right sealing solution.

    Medical Seals

    Medical equipment manufacturers and the makers of medical assist devices also operate in a highly regulated environment where health and safety are on the line. As a trusted supplier to manufacturers of durable medical equipment, Elasto Proxy designs and custom-fabricates plastic and rubber parts such as medical tubing, diaphragms, and gaskets. Our capabilities also include components such as rubber seals for handicap accessible walk-in bathtubs and foam grips for bed grab handles. With the knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of doctor’s offices, hospitals, and home-health care settings, Elasto Proxy serves suppliers of dental equipment, too.

    Specialty Seals

    Earning your trust involves more than mastering food-contact requirements or the latest specifications for medical materials. To meet all of your business needs, Elasto Proxy can also supply sanitary seals that match your product’s colors. For example, if you need a rubber gasket to match the color of a medical assist device, we can source the compound from an extruder who uses pantone color matching. Our solutions providers can also design rubber seals that complement color schemes for kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, ovens, and mixers. By listing to all of your requirements and analyzing all of your needs, Elasto Proxy seals-in safety for food and medical equipment.

  • Elasto Proxy Seals Business Relationships at InnoTrans

    InnoTrans InnoTrans

    “You can’t see all of InnoTrans by yourself,” explains Clyde Sharpe, President of International Sales for Elasto Proxy, “but it was fun trying.” Spanning 60,000 square meters and covering both indoor and outdoor exhibits, the International Trade Fair for Transport (InnoTrans) is one of the world’s largest events for passenger and freight railway technology. With over 125,000 visitors and some 2500 exhibitors from nearly 50 countries, InnoTrans 2012 exceeded expectations and enabled Elasto Proxy to seal important business relationships.

    “There were opportunities everywhere for everyone,” Clyde says, noting that all of the top tier players were in Berlin, Germany from September 18 to 21. As Elasto Proxy’s lone representative, he spent most of his time visiting the booths of other exhibitors, meeting with potential suppliers and customers from around the globe. Equipped with a sample box and electronic sales presentation, Clyde learned first-hand that the railway industry likes the quality of Elasto Proxy’s splicing and compounds. Elasto Proxy’s application knowledge and custom fabrication capabilities also impressed the railway industry.

    Traveling the tradeshow floor was a big job for one solutions provider, but Clyde enjoyed the enormity of the task. “We need to build a stronger brand in Europe,” he explains, and “attending major events like InnoTrans supports Elasto Proxy’s goals for strong European growth”. The next InnoTrans event won’t be until 2014, but Elasto Proxy’s President for International Sales is already thinking about returning to the biennial trade fair as part of a larger team.

  • Green Power and the Art of Sealing

    Green Power Green Power

    Elasto Proxy designs and custom-fabricates plastic and rubber components for wind power projects. For over 20 years, our family-owned business has helped green power customers strengthen their supply chains with low-cost, high-value sealing solutions. Unlike other fabricators of industrial rubber products, Elasto Proxy is your partner in the manufacturing process. Our commitment to you begins with listening to all of your requirements and analyzing all of your needs.

    Our experience with wind energy technology means that we have the application knowledge and technical expertise to find cost-effective solutions to your sealing challenges. With customers in so many different industries, we may even suggest rubber products that have been used successfully under comparable conditions in other applications. For example, the rubber mats we’ve designed for specialty construction vehicles have been used in windmills, as have our standard rubber U-channels.

    Elasto Proxy’s custom-fabrication capabilities can also help your company to save money. For example, by applying our technical expertise, we discovered a way to cut a special angled slit for a windmill blade. This clean part requires no secondary processing and costs less to produce.  Elasto Proxy also provides wind power customers with windmill door seals and rubber gaskets, sound insulation for nacelles, and protective rubber profiles for windmill blades.

    Elasto Proxy’s experience with the wind power industry also means that we’re familiar with the sourcing and pricing requirements of government-funded green energy programs. For example, if your sealing product needs a “Made in America” stamp, Elasto Proxy can work with its network of U.S. suppliers to extrude or mold the part. With our commitment to on-time shipments, green power customers from Canada to China also enjoy a supply chain partner in Elasto Proxy.

    To learn more about us and how we can help you, please visit our website at!

  • Extruded Rubber Profiles from Elasto Proxy

    Extruded Rubber Profile Extruded Rubber Profile

    Elasto Proxy produces a wide range of standard and custom extruded rubber profiles fabricated from a variety of Sealing Grade material formulations. Visit our web site at for a listing of standard extruded profiles used to fabricate spliced rings, gaskets or long length bulk footage on a spool or coiled for customer fabrication. If you cannot find what you are looking for, our knowledgeable technical services team can help you to choose from our extensive line of industrial rubber products. If our catalog does not have the extruded rubber profiles you need, ask about our custom fabrication capabilities.

  • Manufacturing Blogs – Elasto Proxy and the Art of Sealing

    Manufacturing Blogs | Elasto Proxy Manufacturing Blogs | Elasto Proxy

    Elasto Proxy designs and custom fabricates specialty seals, thermal and acoustic insulation, vibration dampening products and materials, EMI shielding, and other high-quality rubber and plastic parts. By listening to all of your requirements and analyzing all of your needs, Elasto Proxy’s solutions providers can recommend solutions that are right for your application.

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