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  • Foam Pads for Vacuum Lifters in Stone Countertop Manufacturing

    Foam PadsIn this case study, you’ll learn how Elasto Proxy helped a stone countertop manufacturer solve a material handling challenge. By applying our technical design, compound selection, and custom fabrication expertise, we provide the protective pads used in vacuum tools that move quartz slabs.

    Stone countertop manufacturing is a complex process. First, raw materials are fed into special mixers and blended together. The mixture is then poured into a mold and formed into slabs of various sizes. After the stone slabs are compacted, they’re moved to a curing kiln and heated for ultimate strength and stability. Polishing, quality assurance, and labeling complete the stone countertop manufacturing process.

    When a leading manufacturer of quartz countertops asked Elasto Proxy for assistance with a material handling challenge, our solutions providers studied the requirements for a foam pad that helps move slabs into a 200° F kiln. This elastomeric pad attaches to the vacuum tooling and protects both the tool and the slab. High-temperature resistance and compression set are essential, but so is resistance to suction loss since the stone slabs are so heavy. Continue reading

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