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Elasto Proxy to Shoot More Videos in 2013

Elasto Proxy plans to produce a video a month in 2013, including an informative and engaging series called “Rubber 101”. Hosted by Doug Sharpe, Elasto Proxy’s co-founder and co-owner, “Rubber 101” will teach buyers how to choose the right rubber component every time. Based on Elasto Proxy’s free Seal Selection Guide, this three-part video series will add visual appeal and an element of fun to an easy-to-read resource that our partners know and trust.

Recently, Elasto Proxy learned how to make videos from Scar Productions, a husband and wife videography team that provides expert instruction about film-making and editing. Our student filmmakers were joined by Louise Desjardins of Guidaction, the Montreal-based marketing and communications consultant who helped us launch our new website. Louise will continue to guide our video efforts in 2013, as Elasto Proxy uses the power of YouTube to seal our commitment to you.