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Elasto Proxy Releases “The Art of Sealing” Video

Recently, Elasto Proxy learned how to make its own corporate videos. Scar Productions, a husband and wife videography team, provided on-site instruction about video production and editing at our new headquarters in Boisbriand, Québec, Canada.  From storyboarding and set preparation to audio editing and video exporting, Elasto Proxy’s student filmmakers received both classroom-style training and hands-on instruction. The results of this Video Making Workshop, our first in-house video, are now on-line for the world to see. 

In Elasto Proxy – The Art of Sealing, company co-founders Doug and Donna Sharpe take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of our Boisbriand facility. Along the way, you’ll meet members of the Elasto Proxy team and learn about our company’s commitment to fully understanding your needs and delivering on them. This brief, informative video also explains how Elasto Proxy provides sealing solutions to a variety of industries and welcomes new challenges in the design and custom fabrication of rubber and plastic components.

Click here to visit our YouTube channel and watch “The Art of Sealing”. We welcome your feedback!