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Elasto Proxy Hits the Road and Connects with You

Doug and Donna Sharpe are hitting the road and heading south, meeting customers and suppliers along the way. Elasto Proxy’s co-founders and co-owners are leaving the cold Canadian winter behind as they head towards Simpsonville, South Carolina, their final destination and the home of our U.S. sales office.  We’ll miss Doug and Donna here at our headquarters in Boisbriand, Quebec, and wish them safe travels!

The drive south to Simpsonville takes about 23 hours, but Doug and Donna will stop along the way. In addition to an overnight stay, they’re planning to meet with partners and prospects who share Elasto Proxy’s commitment to building and maintaining business relationships. After arriving in Simpsonville, they’ll work there for several weeks before heading home to Montreal.  

Is your business located in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina? Would you like to meet with Doug and Donna to learn how Elasto Proxy can provide high-quality, low-volume sealing solutions that meet your needs? To arrange an appointment, please email our Executive Support Specialist, Megan Beaulieu, at today.